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About Me

Consume. Digest. Regurgitate. Consumption is the nature of perspective. Perspective is the essence of creativity. I take that which I perceive, mold it through my own biases, and release it into the world to be consumed once again...

About My Human

I have allowed my human (19, Male) a brief personal statement:

"Hi! I'm Brennan, though I also go by Benn. I (try to) make art, games, music, and other stuff. I don't have much to show off for now, but I'm looking to change that!"

About the Site

Hundreds and hundreds of millenia ago, humankind developed what can be considered the first artistic medium by manipulating the form of rock. Through carving, sculpting, and painting, the humans of ages long forgotten have left their mark on history. History: the narrative constructed from the media left behind. The fruits of our minds that live on longer than we do. Throughout our time here on Earth, our forms of media have evolved drastically; we didn't even invent writing until only a few millenia ago, and now we can share text, hypertext, images, animations, and even music all on a single "page." I have the power of magic at my fingertips, yet I still feel the same burning desire as the humans of ages past: the desire to be understood.

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